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Architectural Design Services


Under the collective leadership of  Tony Kettle, we love inspiring people all over the world with the layers of storytelling behind every building's unique personality.


Innovative building designs are unique to the sense of place, and not to the building itself. 


We achieve our award-winning designs by conducting deep research into what buildings mean to places and communities. We unfold the narratives and architectural language with fresh, thought-provoking designs that seek to inform our natural curiosity.


By always revisiting the first principles of design to understand the inherent beauty of ratios and mathematics, we can infuse the essence of unique places into ground-breaking designs that embrace the fundamental DNA of beauty and elegance.


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Sustainable Architecture


Energy and sustainability are some of the key issues of our time. We frequently handle complex environmental challenges such as extreme heat, so we always strive to resolve natural environmental conundrums with minimal impact.


Our project teams come together to explore authentic ideas that look towards the future of innovative and renewable energies. Green living is attractive to buyers, and ideal for commercial developers looking to boost your reputation or increase your long-term market value.


We continuously look for creative solutions that can reduce the use of resources with green buildings, which makes the overall lifecycle of running completed large-scale developments more cost-effective for our clients, and better for our planet.


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