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Interior Design


Curiosity informs our decision-making. How can we create buildings with character that continuously deliver unexpected value to the people who use them?


At Kettle Collective, we believe the key elements that influence interior design should come from a sense of place, because beautiful buildings represent our collective human story. 


Our interior design team works closely with clients, architectural designers, engineers, and local specialist advisors to explore the intent, vision and language for each project. Our goal is to develop an interior aesthetic that creates a natural narrative between interior spaces and the outdoor environment.


We love exploring how interior design affects the way people use their available space. From picking out sustainable materials to refining the interior layout, we apply our inherent and deep-seated curiosity to every stage of the interior design process. 


We move away from obvious practical solutions to create room for design thinking. This allows us to solve key technical problems in a way that seems effortless to the eye, but makes all the difference to the way people use and experience the buildings we create.


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