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Urban Architecture & Masterplanning


Urban design and masterplanning connect the spaces between buildings, so that areas of urban development can release value back into the places and communities they represent.


At Kettle Collective, we move away from creating a 'house style' and instead focus our attention on how urban developments should feel. Each project is a challenge that we're solving independently, but when we take a step back, all of the architecture, interiors, landscapes and urban masterplans create something beautiful that fits together with interest and intrigue.


When people use the urban spaces we design, we aspire to ignite their collective curiosity. We want our communities to reflect and celebrate places as works of art, always seeking to understand the stories behind why buildings are there, and what they really mean to people.


Whether we're designing new cities, impressive high-rise towers or complex residential developments in challenging environments, we strive to make a difference. 


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