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INK Creative Studio


INK uses cutting-edge technology to refine architectural form, design detail and concept architecture in all of our projects. 


By leveraging the power of CGI and 3-D technologies, we're able to visualise future projects in photorealistic detail. This lets us explore conceptual ideas in real terms, and allows our teams to solve problems right from the outset. Kettle Collective is proud to always deliver on our designs. We believe INK helps us achieve this, and avoids abortive work for our clients.


Many of our clients use our INK creative studio to market developments with consistent branding. 


INK is a sophisticated tool that communicates the project's desired mood and atmosphere, which lets developers tell compelling stories through animation and motion graphics. INK allows viewers to step inside a 360° virtual reality tour, so they can understand the intent and visualise how your future buildings will feel.


We take care of everything from printed graphics and logo design to impressive CGI images, animations and videos that sell your development with ease and speed.


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