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Katya Gorshkova

Associate, Interior Design

Katya Gorshkova is an Interior Designer with a broad range of expertise in concept development and computer-assisted drawing. She is adept at 3-D technologies, concept modelling, and the execution of CAD working drawings.

Before joining Kettle Collective, Katya was an Interior Designer for RMJM where she worked on large-scale projects including Domodedovo Airport in Moscow, the Lakhta Center and Gazprom HQ Tower in St. Petersburg, and the Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance.

She has worked on a variety of different types of projects around the world. Her extensive design experience includes residential, administrative, civic and industrial sectors.

Katya has also worked as an Architect Designer, specialising in residential design and urban masterplanning. Her strong knowledge of contemporary finishing materials including different types of timber, plasters, gypsum plasterboards, natural stones and decorative elements compliments her inherent knowledge of different types of buildings for an elevated user experience.

At Kettle Collective, Katya brings green and sustainable solutions into concept development, which supports the ecological balance in our design projects.

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