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Mackinnon Scott

Junior Graphic Designer

Mackinnon Scott is a multidisciplinary designer motivated by a desire to beautifully craft meaningful ideas that solve real-life problems, his work encompasses brand identity, art direction, print, motion graphics, advertising, and digital design.

He approaches every design challenge with a focus on understanding the needs and goals of his clients and their audiences. Centre to his approach is the belief that good design should not only be visually appealing, but also functional and meaningful.

Mackinnon brings a strong sense of empathy and human-centred design to his work. He understands that design has the power to connect people and bring about positive change, and he strives to produce work that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also emotionally resonant. To achieve this, he rigorously explores problems and uncovers powerful insights that drive his thinking toward lasting and impactful solutions. Approaching each challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow; constantly seeking out new ways to improve and perfect his craft.

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