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Alix Goret

Landscape Architect

Alix has a background in numerous and various projects on a wide range of scales such as territorial studies, public spaces projects and private gardens.

After graduation from France's National Higher School of Landscape Architecture, she began advising and designing private gardens, as well as providing urban ecology workshops. She worked in the French National Forestry Office on territorial impact assessments, forest management plans, educational and sportive trails, and historical parks. Her following experience in a landscape and architecture studio involved working on urban public spaces and mobility and transport projects. For that purpose, she followed several projects from concept and detailed stages to construction all through to the final delivery stage.

She is constantly engaged in researching the good design which best matches the user's experience as well as technical requirements.

She is convinced that Landscape can improve well-being and offer clues for understanding our environment as well as helping its protection.

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