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Hady Hesham

BIM Coordinator

With a Bachelor's in Architectural Engineering from Cairo University and currently pursuing a M.Sc. in Integrated Engineering Design Management, Hady brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the table. His strong familiarity with standards such as ISO 19650, PAS 1192, ACI, BSI, NFPA, as well as The Saudi and Egyptian codes, enhances his capabilities in the field.

Hady's key skills include proficiency in modeling BIM for architectural, interior design, and structural disciplines, along with experience in LOD from 100 up to 400 LOD (as Built Drawings). He excels in creating custom dynamic architectural, interior design, and structural families, collaborating with BIM teams using work-sharing techniques, and utilizing Navisworks for clash detection and 4D simulation. Additionally, he adeptly manages BIM deliverables and accelerates workflow using Dynamo.

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