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Roman Gorshkov

Design Director

Roman Gorshkov is an Architectural Designer, 3-D Technologist and Visual Artist with a Specialist Degree Diploma in Structural Engineering. His extensive knowledge of digital visualisation, concept modelling software and building information modelling (BIM) compliments his architectural drawings to enhance his natural design skills.

Before joining Kettle Collective, Roman enjoyed a diverse career with established architectural practices including RMJM. He has a particular interest in concept design, with a deep knowledge of all stages and scales of his projects.

Having lived and worked in both St. Petersburg and Edinburgh, Roman has key experience with projects in Russia, Europe, the Middle East and China, and brings an element of the local culture into his conceptual work. Roman creates distinctive architectural designs by seeking out the pros and cons of shared ideas in the early design stages.

Roman has significant experience working in building drawings and all types of structural elements. His rare combination of conceptual thinking, CGI visualisation, and structural engineering skill brings a well-rounded contribution to Kettle Collective's team.

Key Projects

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