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Samuel Ganchev

Associate, Interior Designer

With almost 10 years of experience, Samuel is a professional with an exceptional pragmatic attitude and responsibility towards work; a great all-rounder, extremely quick to adapt in new environments and learn suitable skills. With a strong eye for detail and flare for design, Samuel performs well under pressure and liaise with others to meet tight deadlines.

Samuel has designed numerous high-end residential and hospitality projects with a holistic approach and layered response to the brief, resulting in a rich and sophisticated design with subtly weaved details. His goal is to increase the value and tell the story of each space through implementing modern design solutions using exquisite yet practical materials in a timeless design that will sustain throughout the years while delivering the desired outcome.

Samuel’s work has evolved into management of such projects from concept to delivery. He has gained split skills in design processes as well as project coordination with precise awareness of timescales and budgets while answering client briefs as accurately as possible.

Drawing inspiration from various creative fields such as arts, fashion, music and history together, Samuel’s analytical mindset and all-rounded nature provide him with the perfect toolset to lead projects whilst inspiring and motivating a design team ensuring the successful end to each project.

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