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Visakh Zachariah

Urban Designer & Planner

Visakh is an enthusiastic urbanist with a professional and multifaceted approach. He has a track record in design-led master planning and strategic urban development, consistently delivering sustainable and innovative solutions that enhance society.

Specializing in innovative placemaking, transport-oriented development, and urban regeneration projects across Asia and the UK, he is adept at creating environments that thrive. He holds double master's degrees, one in urban design from the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology, Ahmedabad, and another in Planning with a focus on Urban regeneration from the University of Manchester, UK.

Visakh's approach is centred around participatory planning, with a focus on human-centred design principles. He places great emphasis on preserving heritage while simultaneously propelling communities towards the future. To support his vision, he has developed strong analytical, graphical, and movie-making skills, ensuring that his presentations are not only effective but also engaging and visually compelling.

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