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Friday: Friday is always a bit of a slow day, and today is no different. People seem a little jaded. I would be interested to know how many miles have been walked by the 20,000 participants. I know I have clocked up a few and can tell by the blisters on my feet. I think trainers should be mandatory for all participants, but you know what they say, over 40s shouldn’t wear trainers unless they’re partaking in sport. You could, however, argue that MIPIM is indeed a sport, one that you become quite accomplished at the more you do. It is an enjoyable few days for sure but more importantly it really is great for business. My one final tip is that you must follow up on every single meeting, contact and discussion. If you don’t it is all a waste of time. It is very difficult to quantify the amount of work for me that has come from MIPIM over the years, but it will be vast when you consider the friendships and contacts that have been made during these few days in Cannes each year. I am heading back to the airport, already looking forward to next year my 10th Anniversary at MIPIM. But I am looking forward to getting home for some well-earned sleep, nurse my sore feet and not have any more drinks for a few days. Wait. No. I can’t possibly be going out tonight?

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