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Kettle Collective Director, Colin Bone will be blogging for Architects Journal all week from MIPIM, an International property event in Cannes. You can find the Architects Journal 2014 MIPIM Live Blog here, now with Colin’s fist update included which you can also find below:

Monday 2014 is my ninth time to MIPIM so packing has become an old routine (and it certainly doesn’t feel like a year since MIPIM 2013). Here’s this years “MIPIM Survival Pack,”devised over the years (in no particular order… but actually it is): 1. Nurofen Plus (Goes without saying…) 2. Business Cards (It’s like a large game of swaps, to get your collection you need to hand out yours) 3. Rennies (after all the rich food, can be a life saver) 4. Sunglasses (these help a lot stepping outside in the morning) 5. Notebook and Pen (to write down all your amazing ideas) 6. Plasters (for the blisters on your feet) 7. iPhone portable charger (An iPhone battery will get MIPIMed out) 8. Berocca (for the next morning) 9. Scarf (I know I’m Scottish but it does get chilly standing outside Caffe Roma at night) 10. Suncream (just incase you get that meeting on the beach, you don’t want to turn up at the next one burnt)

So looking ahead to MIPIM, the Economic Climate is such that this will likely be the best attended MIPIM since 2008, as confidence comes back into the sector. There have been highs and lows over the last year worth noting in my geographical areas of interest. In the Middle East, Dubai won Expo 2020 which is fantastic news for Dubai and the wider region, perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel for the troubles across the Region which still brings some amount of instability and concern to the World. In Russia, their delivery of Sochi 2014 was a phenomenal success and one which has yet again raised the bar for Olympic Games both in the Summer and Winter, however, there are of course the very recent troubles in Ukraine. Hopefully this can be resolved peacefully and look forward to the recovery of the Ruble. Closer to home, London is continuing to grow at some pace and looks very optimistic indeed, with the Regions now starting to follow. I feel very optimistic and excited about what the days ahead will hold and look forward to learning more about the highs and lows of the market. Every day is a school day and that is never more pertinent than during MIPIM week. Lastly, to the rugby, since Scotland have gifted their game to France, I’m sure we’ll be made very welcome to Cannes.

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