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International Women’s Day

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Today is International Womens Day, and we have a fantastic team of women working here at Kettle Collective, so we decided to take this opportunity to celebrate. We spoke to Celine to get her insight as a woman in architecture.

Why did you become an Architect?

Being an architect had been a goal since my childhood. I was always fascinated with the idea of creating spaces where people would live and make memories. Each experience in our life is connected to the buildings, the environment surrounding us. As an architect, I’m hoping to provide spaces for people to feel at ease and relaxed.

What challenges do you think women face in the architectural industry?

The challenges I personally faced as a woman architect have mostly been with other professions of the construction industry, especially on site. The idea that women know nothing about construction is sadly still present in some people’s minds and it’s a challenge when meeting other professionals to prove from the beginning that female architects know as much as male architects. I experienced site meetings where I felt tested by engineers and workers, I knew I had to prove my knowledge or they would question every decision.

But on a more positive side, these experiences don’t happen every day and I never felt treated differently by architects colleagues just because I am a woman.

Who inspires you?

Tadao Ando’s work has always been a source of inspiration for me. His projects are the perfect example of architecture impacting how people feel and react to their environment.

What do you do in your spare time?

Most of my spare time is organised around sport. I mainly play rugby, but I enjoy watching and taking part any sport. I am an outdoorsy person, you will always find me hiking or skiing over the weekend!

What advice would you give to women who aspire to work in architecture?

I would tell them not to listen to the old idea that the construction industry is for men. Everybody should be allowed to pursue their dream, whatever sex, origin, religion, etc. So just go for it, believe in yourself, speak up but maybe avoid going on site with high heels!

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