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Kettle Collective wins second Queen’s Award

We are delighted to announce that Kettle Collective has been awarded the 2021 Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development, as recognition of our team’s efforts in making a positive impact to the natural environment on a large scale, by creating high performance and energy efficient designs. This is our second Queen’s Award previously winning the award for International Trade in 2016. Colin Bone, Managing Director said: “Sustainable design is at the core of everything we do, it is a great honour to have been recognised by Her Majesty the Queen for our sustainable design. We set up Kettle Collective to make a difference, not just to the quality of the lives of the people living and working in our projects, but most importantly on making a positive impact to the natural environment on a large scale.” Underpinned by the belief that the space we live in directly influences the quality of our lives, Kettle was set up to create vibrant and sustainable projects. “The design phase is critical to the energy efficiency of any building and designers not only need to prioritise but to innovate if they are going to meet the considerable challenges we face. Through regenerative building and promoting habitats and biodiversity we are actively reducing the impact on the planet.”

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