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Meet the new team!

We are glad to welcome two new team members to our Edinburgh office; Robert and Calum.

Here they tell us a little bit about themselves and share some of their previous work.

Incubator Project, affordable workspaces in Govanhill, design by Robert Grace

Incubator Project, affordable workspaces in Govanhill, design by Robert Grace

“While studying at the Glasgow School of Art, I have been focused on developing my skills in design and presentation. In my work, I have tried to combine strong aesthetics with sound community programs. The incubator project represented a chance to impact the townscape of Glasgow’s Southside with an architectural intervention. My proposal was the introduction of affordable work spaces, situated on the street front, helping to provide opportunities for local people as well as reinvigorating what was formerly dead space.” Robert Grace

Robert is a Part 1 Architect and has joined Kettle Collective as an Architectural Assistant Intern, in order to further his skills and gain more professional experience. Robert recently graduated from the Glasgow School of Art, receiving a Bachelor of Architecture degree. Throughout his studies, Robert has supplemented his learning by working with several community projects within Glasgow, including work with Mount Florida Primary School and Byshot Community Park.

Sanctuary in the City by Calum McCafferty

Sanctuary in the City by Calum McCafferty

“I strongly believe in the making of quality space and the value of interaction within these spaces. My research and interests have been to understand the effects that the manipulation of space, materials, sound, scent, touch, light and its shadows, can have on the user. I feel good architecture will organically grow from this approach to making. My work spans various mediums from classical illustration, abstract sculpture to contemporary architecture which collectively attempts to express good memories of space, moments and atmospheres. My recent works describe the intervention of places to escape the urban fog and recharge within heart of Tokyo. As the ever increasing pressure is placed on the inhabitants of this historically significant settlement to develop, this proposal attempts to explore the possibilities to evolve into the skies. I was honoured to be awarded the Royal Scottish Academy, New Contemporary Architect for this study where my work featured in their annual show this year.” Calum McCafferty

Calum graduated with a Master of Architecture from Edinburgh College of Art and brings experience from a number of hospitality and private residential projects across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Calum has personally presented a number of artworks, installations, sculptures and designs in exhibitions and international competitions. For a look at more detailed CV’s from the collective, please visit our team page.


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