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Welcome to Tony Archibold

Tony Archibold

Kettle Collective is pleased to welcome Tony Archibold to the position of Regional Director MENA. Tony Archibold is an Architect with 24 years experience across a wide range of project types from all over the world, and has worked in Hong Kong, the UK, France and the Middle East.

He was the Project Leader on the notable ADNEC Capital Gate Building. Capital Gate has been confirmed as the ‘Worlds Most inclined Building’ by the Guinness Book of World Records, and was featured on National Geographic’s ‘Megastructures‘, which was broadcast globally in July 2010.

“I am passionate about Design across all scales, from Masterplanning, to Architecture, Interior Design and Furniture, and Product Design. I am particularly interested in Architecture that effects positive change, architecture which goes beyond its formal qualities to; transform and enhance lives, and offers new possibilities and experiences.

I am very excited to be joining a team that is already engaged in this kind of Design, and look forward to seeing where we can take this together.” Tony Archibold

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