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Our design proposal for the new Dubai mixed-use business development, is inspired by the local region’s natural forms. The building is designed as a landscape, similar to a Wadi bringing water through a valley. The building encourages people to come together to share and generate ideas in a productive informal central courtyard. This central space is flooded with daylight and surrounded by greenery.

The central street is carved into the ground allowing for an extra level of accommodation to house retail units throughout. This informal space is also naturally lit and designed as a leisure playground at the heart of the scheme. The BIPV canopy provides an energy generating, shaded enclosure, with a natural landscape below, which will change through the day and into the night.

The sound of running water will create a calming effect, and will also create visual interest as it catches, and reflects the sunlight. At night the central courtyard and street will illuminate and glow, advertising itself to the outside world with open and welcoming entrances onto the main access roads.


Dubai, UAE



Building Type

Mixed Use
Public Realm



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