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The Hadith Narrators Museum

Located in the Al-Jamawat neighborhood of Madinah, and nestled against the hillside of the Al Jamawat Mountains, the Rwaat Al Hadith Museum celebrates the lives and contributions of the Hadith Narrators, including some of the most distinguished figures of the early Islamic period.

The museum derives its concept from adopting the idea of the ‘spoken’ and ‘written’ word to celebrate the narration of the Hadith and the companions, narrators and scholars whom have and continue to contribute towards the Sunna of the Prophet.

As it is the most common and universal statement in the Islamic faith and the first and formal step to conversion, the Shahada is chosen as a vehicle to deliver the overall concept. The phrase which manifests as both an architectural and poetic device is used to activate the idea of narration by evoking a response from visitors to the museum to read and recite upon approach to the building.


Madinah, Saudi Arabia



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Culture & Leisure
Education & Research



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