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Al Mouj Office & Business Hotel

Two Buildings Commercial and Business Hotel are united by the main street that forms a “spine”. The “Spine” features retail edges and connects circulation spaces between buildings.


Muscat, Oman



Building Type



Landscape Architecture
Interior Design

A unique feature of the design is the private courtyards, which sit along the spine axis. These courtyards allow for amazing internal spaces and views to the sea, and are further enhanced by locating Restaurants and F&B blocks inside the courtyards. Extra F&B is located on the main façade of the building to create active frontage to engage future visitors
Key to the building’s sustainability strategy, the courtyards contribute to a passive design approach. The buildings are organised to catch the prevailing winds from the sea, and channelling them through the north-facing courtyards. Breezes pass over water features and pools and the air is chilled thanks to evaporative cooling. This air is then channelled through the buildings, and the interiors are thereby naturally ventilated and cooled.
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