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Al Ula Museum and Cultural Centre

Al Ula Museum and Cultural Centre is located in the Al Ula province of Almadeenah Al Munawwarrah Region of Saudi Arabia.


Al Ula, Saudi Arabia



Building Type



Interior Design

The design takes inspiration from the surrounding landscape and rich historical context of the site. The form of the Al Ula Museum building conforms to the boundaries of the archaeological site, an expansive glazing provides a constant connection between the museum and historical context. The form of the adjacent Cultural Centre building serves as a counter balance. Taking reference from the local rock forms, the Museum and Cultural Centre buildings interact to create a framed view of the mountains beyond along the entrance axis.
As well as providing visitors with an insight into the history of the region, the Al Ula Museum will be host to specialist research work for the region, and as such will have a comprehensive reference library, documenting and curating facilities.
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