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Al Zahia Stacked Products

The Stacked Townhomes were designed to be 2 and 3 bedroom innovative products, with individual single family residential units on ground and first floors in a terraced G+1 townhome configuration. While the ground floor units have direct access on street level, the first floor units are accessed via shared courtyards and feature access stairs shared between two adjacent units.


Sharjah, UAE



Building Type



Interior Design

The design of the Stacked Townhomes make clever use of the building forms to create screened, private and semi-private spaces. Architectural elements such as C-shaped folded planes and walled gardens & terraces create enclosed private spaces whilst the building form in plan create shared access courtyards between neighbouring units. This fosters a sense of community while at the same time providing sheltered, private living and outdoor spaces.
A simple palette of finishes and features keep the architecture clean and contemporary, in fitting with the aspirations of Al Zahia as an innovative, progressive community.
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