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Al Zahia Uptown

The Uptown development is an important new urban centre connecting the suburban villa development of Al Zahia with the MAF Al Zahia Retail Mall across the road.
Uptown is a special meeting place, it is a model of mixed use urban planning and development, a new centre for community activity for the wider Al Zahia masterplan and an important link to the larger retail offering in the mall.


Sharjah, UAE


Under Construction

Building Type

Mixed Use
Public Realm


Architecture Masterplanning Landscape

Urban Grain, Scale and Texture are the important issues for the success of Uptown. The design creates self- shading streets, lively squares, and sheltered gardens. A variety of space types that are designed specifically for this place, this climate, this culture.
Uptown is made up of street buildings that create positive outdoor spaces. Active frontages are gathered on the main retail and community activity spaces to bring life through the day and into the evening.
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