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Dubai Villas

Three individual villas for three exclusive sites, these luxury beachside villas each have a unique design that thoughtfully responds to their context.
The Organic House is inspired by the shifting motion, and rippled texture of sand and water, the resulting design is dynamic, fostering a sense of horizontal and vertical movement.
Double height spaces maximise the sea views, while the landscaped gardens reflect the organic form of the house, with an irregular pool shape, and contoured planting. Thus the design integrates beautifully into its landscape setting.


Dubai, UAE



Building Type



Interior Design

Alternately the Water House takes its inspirations from the materiality of water. Translucency and reflectivity are celebrated through material finishes, large expanses of glazing, and a series of pools, that provide a dramatic visual connection to the ocean.
The key vista is maintained through the Water House, from entrance space, across the infinity pool, and out to sea. Arranged around a courtyard, the plan separates the public spaces from the main living accommodation.
The Beach House has been inspired by the natural layers of sand, timber, and planting found at the edge of the beach. This material palette has richness and depth, and allows the design to build layers of privacy and openness.
A beach front setting requires a balance of privacy and access to views. Moveable screens create a dynamic main living space, and outdoor entertaining spaces enjoy privacy behind a curtain of water.
The design of each of these villas is responsive, forming relationships between them and their exclusive settings.
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