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Ghadeer Residences

The Ghadeer apartments consist of three blocks, located on the northern edge of the Al Mouj development. The design was inspired by the surrounding landscape and historical context of the region. Recurring elements of rectilinear forms make reference to the regional forts, while bringing and element of lightness and playfulness with the randomized patterns of fenestration. Projected areas of the façade are accented with natural stone cladding to reinforce the connection to the rugged rocky landscapes of the region.


Muscat, Oman


Under Construction

Building Type



Interior Design
Landscape Architecture
Graphic Design

The corners of the blocks are celebrated with tower forms that accentuate the prominence of these locations, while also offering more generous and dynamic interior spaces for these units. These corner towers repeat the extruded rectangular language of the façade, and also introduce a rounded drum element on opposing corners in key locations within the masterplan.
The arrangement of apartment buildings is developed to provide a secluded area for the residents, with the shared amenities gathered around a central raised pool. Surrounded by the lush landscape of the courtyard, residents can find and element of peaceful relaxation within the development.
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