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Ghaf Hills Experience Centre

The design of the Experience Centre was developed to suit a building capable of standing alone within the development with a strong visual presence or having the ability to integrate itself with the surrounding context as the development expanded.


Dubai, UAE



Building Type




The GHAF trees found scattered across the site, and that lend the development it’s name, have also been the source of design inspiration for The Experience Centre. Designed around a central GHAF tree The Experience Centre features a central landscaped courtyard, featuring the tree. The GHAF tree creates a strong visual connection throughout the building, and connects to the identity of the GHAF Hills Development.
Set over two storeys, with layered ’tree columns’ applied along the external elevations, the building facade will be formed as a transparent building envelope. Bright, light, open, and spacious internal areas, maximise the views across the central waterside location, and richly landscaped setting wherever possible.
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