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Golf Views

Located close to Al Mouj residential development in Oman, the design takes advantage of the site’s height, with panoramic views towards the coast and the adjacent golf course. The design consists of two garden pavilions, each with three wings of accommodation, set on a landscaped plinth of garden apartments, around a semi-enclosed pool courtyard. The winged nature of the form allowed for two central cores, creating an efficient design.


Muscat, Oman



Building Type



Interior Design

The topography of the site has allowed us to create an additional three levels of accommodation, which enjoy green views of the golf course to the East. The central garden courtyard creates a protected green heart to the development with shared leisure facilities, and views and access to the golf course.
The angled nature of the building’s wings has allowed us to maximise the number of apartments with views towards the golf course and the Al Mouj development.
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