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Hunter Global Leadership Centre

Located on the grounds of Ross Priory on the southern bank of Loch Lomond, the Hunter Global Leadership Centre was designed to take full advantage of its scenic settings to inspire, challenge and spark ideas in the leaders of tomorrow. The HGLC Building’s form provide spectacular framed views of Loch Lomond and the surrounding woodlands from all the main delegate spaces, whilst the main amphitheater features views over the loch and Ben Lomond beyond through a frameless structural glazed facade. An elegant curved floating roof overhead strengthens the sense of connection to the outside.


Loch Lomond, Scotland, UK



Building Type




Sleeping accommodation for delegates are provided by 3x 5 bedroom pods nestled in the surrounding woodlands. A separate 4 bedroom pod provides sleeping accommodation for visiting speakers. Clad in dark stained timber the pods are designed to visually merge into the woodlands with large picture windows from each bedroom looking out into the trees, immersing delegates into the natural setting.
Designed to be highly sustainable with high thermal performance and low air permeability along with air-source heat pump technology and on-site renewable energy, the Hunter Global Leadership Centre is set to be an example of sustainable innovative architecture in a sensitive setting.
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