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Jazan Regional Museum

The Jazan Regional Museum located in Saudi Arabia aims to communicate the past and look to the future, offering an educational experience to visitors. The Museum building will present the region’s rich history from pre-history through to the modern era and the galleries each focus on specific eras in history.


Jazan, Saudi Arabia



Building Type



Interior Design

The building will house a public cafeteria and gift shop as well as comprehensive reference library, as well as documenting and curating facilities for specialist research work carried out in the region
The overall design of the complex has been influenced by the culturally rich and varied context of the Jazan region and has been inspired by art work, sculptures and the vernacular building typology of the area all informing the design for a building with a contemporary contextually rich design. The historic focus has been on three main elements; the tower, the mashrabiya pattern and internal space.
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