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Lakhta Centre

Tony Kettle whilst at RMJM, led the concept design team for Phase 1 of the Lakhta Centre creating an iconic building and masterplan that will revitalise an area of former industrial land 12km from the city centre on the coast off the Gulf of Finland.
The inspiration for the tower design comes from the concept of energy in water, with the form of the building deriving its shape from the changing nature of water, ever changing light and reflections. The five-sided tower twists as it rises to delicately touch the sky.


Lakhta, St. Petersburg, Russia


Under Construction

Building Type

Mixed Use


Interior Design

The proposal also features a unique environmental strategy, which acts as a low energy ‘fur coat’. The double-layered skin of the tower will allow the maximisation of daylight and the minimisation of heat loss in the extreme St. Petersburg environment.
Kettle Collective were engaged for Phase 2 Concept so that Tony Kettle could continue the same principles into the next phase.
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