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Ministry Of Information Headquarters

The Kettle Collective design proposal for the new headquarters of the Ministry of Information takes inspiration from Oman’s wealth of natural beauty to create a forward-looking flexible headquarters for the 21st century.





Building Type



Interior Design

This building’s organic form is inspired by the mountainous landscape of Oman. Mountain terraces are reflected in the stepping levels and brise-soleil. The curving shape of the façade draws it’s inspiration from the rugged terrain of Oman’s winding wadis, and openings above the courtyard and in the floors echo the beautiful natural water features and sink-holes of Oman’s coast and inland.
The floor plates allow for sensible and flexible office layouts, either as cellular offices, open plan or a hybrid mix of both depending on how each department is organised. The flowing form of the floor plates allows for interdepartmental connectivity, while creating many special corners for meeting areas and executive offices while maximising the key views.
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