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Ras Al Hadd Visitor Centre

The Ras Al Hadd Visitor’s Centre draws its inspiration from the surrounding desert & marine environment distinct to the Al Shariqya Region of Oman. The Fibonacci ‘Golden Spiral’ sets a primary precedent that informs the building’s proportions.

As well as accommodating a tourist information facility and cafe, the building features an exhibition space and camera obscura that allows its visitors to gaze into the surrounding landscape. As well as receiving guidance and information, tourists will be able to grasp the essence of Sur & Ras Al Hadd before they begin their discovery of the region.

Using heat sensitive technology the camera obscura can also allow for night-time viewing of the nesting turtles from a distance, thus avoiding the disturbance of their habitat. This proposal gives expression to the country’s commitment to habitat conservation and unlocks the potential for sustainable eco-tourism.


Ras Al Hadd, Oman



Building Type

Culture & Leisure
Education & Research



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