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River Clyde Crossing

The £90.7M Clyde Waterfront and Renfrew Riverside regeneration project will see the construction of an aspirational ‘twin leaf’ opening bridge over the River Clyde. It will link the north and south banks of the River, between the town of Renfrew and Yoker, a western district of Glasgow approximately 5 miles west of the City Centre. The bridge will accommodate vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, as well as maintaining shipping and ferry routes along the River.


Glasgow, UK


Under Construction

Building Type

Public Realm



Urban Planning

The crossing will create an important connection between the communities and businesses on both sides of the river and unlock the potential for future development and economic growth.
The bridge is constructed using a modern cable suspension system and celebrates the River Clyde’s shipbuilding heritage in its design. As the bridge opens and closes, the vertical masts rotate similar to resemble the turning motion of cranes on the Clyde. The bridge will create a local point of interest, with place making opportunities at landing areas for locals and visitors alike.
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