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The Courtyard Gallery

The historical architectural context uses clearly defined forms and patterns in its building language and decorative motifs. We have referred to historical architectural forms and art to inspire the building forms and reinforce the history of the wider area.

The historical settlements of the area used a footprint of narrow shaded streets, larger open squares and marketplaces. These inspire the Museum footprint, which contains a variety of space types and scales within its tall boundary walls. The main museum halls are contained within a 2-3 storey L-shaped block, which provides shade and security for the outdoor garden courtyard spaces. In turn, the courtyard creates a setting for a special 3 storey pavilion which forms the centerpiece for public cultural activities. The triangular historical motifs of the area are re-used to create a variety of window openings to allow light to penetrate and to frame views.


Quassim, Saudi Arabia



Building Type



Interior Design

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