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The Cube Gallery

We have referred to historical architectural forms and art to inspire the building forms and reinforce the history of the area. The large stone edged water tanks, both square and circular in form provide a strong statement to follow, together with the variation in stone textures and massiveness of fortress structures.Inspired by the square water tanks, the geometrical patterns found in Arabic art and culture, and the massiveness and textures of fortress walls.


Arar, Saudi Arabia



Building Type



Interior Design

A square within a square is rotated then extruded into a 3 dimensional cube. It is then further rotated on a third axis to form a new kind of pyramidal structure with a unique silhouette and presence when seen from any angle.
This landmark cube structure will draw visitors to its protected gardens and shaded pools, with informal events within the temporary exhibition space and formal events in the cool central atrium space.
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