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The Gardens

This residential courtyard space takes it’s cue from the site name ‘The Gardens’. The site is structured into a series of gardens that are located around a central raised pool deck, with stepped terracing creating the level change between gardens and pool. A series of different routes connect the spaces, allowing the visitor to take a journey through the spaces. A clear primary route connects all of the garden spaces, whilst smaller minor routes lead into the heart of each garden space.


Muscat, Oman



Building Type

Public Realm




Each of the four distinct garden has its own identity, based on the striking colours found in Omani fabrics and crafts - black, white, red and gold. Each of the gardens are defined by one of these and varies according to the attributed colour. The Red and Gold gardens being warm colours are ‘Active’ spaces, whilst the Black and White, being cool colours are ‘Tranquil’ spaces.
The Falkirk Wheel was designed whilst Tony Kettle was at RMJM.
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