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The Leaf Tower

The 5-Star Leaf Tower Hotel situated in Baghdad, consists of 350-500 bedrooms with conference facilities, business centre, food and beverage outlets, boutique shops and separate male and female gym/spa with related basement car parking.


Baghdad, Iraq



Building Type

Hospitality Mixed-Use Retail


Interior Design

The design of the tower was inspired by The Hanging Gardens of Babylon as well as the desire to create a Garden Oasis within the city. The tower form is carefully sculpted to reflect the curves of Arabic arches, forms and decoration found in the city and to create a landmark structure that will have a unique identity; of today but in sympathy with the past. The main facades of the building are fully glazed but heavily insulated using a double skin low energy wall. The four corners of the tower open onto landscaped terraces that tumble down the building edge to meet the landscaped gardens below.
The setting for the building is created by a landscaped plinth with terraced gardens and waterfalls. The entrance approach to the building is celebrated with a series of waterfalls and fountains whilst an infinity pool flows from the reflective floor of the entrance foyer to the river Tigris adjacent to the site. The Plinth contains a small retail mall providing double sided shops that open onto the river edge. Adjacent to the shops are the gym and health club spa with outdoor terraces and an outdoor/indoor pool.
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