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The Waterline

The marina is a special place, a place that requires a special building that celebrates its unique setting.
We have created a beautiful building inspired by the fluid forms of water and by the reflections and shadows of water playing on the hulls of streamlined yachts. More than that we have created a building that will be a great place to live, offering fantastic views to the Marina, to the sea and back to downtown Dubai, with superb facilities, a luxury spa, gastronomic restaurants, boutique retail, and health club.


Dubai, UAE



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The Waterline consists of two connected towers, Waterline East and Waterline West connected by the Waterline Bridge. We have designed the two towers to have unique features such as a Helipad on the West Tower Penthouse and a Luxury Water Garden on the Penthouse of the East Tower. Suspended between the two towers, the ‘the bridge’ contains special apartments and outdoor terraces with shared Club facilities, including a luxury glass sided swimming pool which part cantilevers towards the Marina.
Residents enjoy a high quality of living space with a huge choice of apartment types from open plan or cellular layouts, fully glazed or framed views, flowing space or separate kitchens with family dining rooms, all bedrooms with ensuite facilities, and master bedrooms with full walk-in dressing rooms. All apartments have the option of an Outdoor Room, a balcony which can be extended to form a large shaded terrace.
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