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Wednesday PM: The “Countries of Honour” this year are Russia, Turkey and Brazil (quite a solid football theme with 2 of the 3 as the next hosts of the World Cup and great to also see Qatar here in force as well) What difference does the country of honour have on each of the days for the average attendee? Not a lot. Not a lot unless you are specifically attending the discussions that are being held by each Nation. But one thing is for sure, they are now three heavyweights in the Property World and it is great to see the fanfare around them here. I have managed to visit many of my clients’ from Russia today, which is incidentally “Turkey-Day”. There are now 86 participating Nations and over 20,000 participants (official numbers will be revealed after the event but expect it to be well up on this) at MIPIM this year, a welcome mix of nations and cultures. It is this mix that makes MIPIM so unique and such an enjoyable way to do business.

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