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At Kettle Collective, we work from first principles of design with conceptual thinking to create beautiful buildings that are fundamentally different. We challenge the brief of each project which lets the building reinvent itself as an inspiring piece of art. 


Curiosity, intent and purpose come together as a celebration of place, with a clear story about why the building is there, and why it carries inherent value to those who use it.

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Interior Design

We like to think carefully about how people use spaces as this lets us resolve functionality with innovative, thought-provoking solutions that improve people's quality of life. 


Personality and character set your development apart, but it's our attention to detail that creates experiential journeys through time and place. Interior design should flow seamlessly throughout your buildings to create a continuous narrative between space and place.

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Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture is about the spaces between buildings. Pockets of outdoor living give buildings space to shine, and help us to connect the story of the building to the natural environment. 


We believe that landscape architecture should elevate the overall atmosphere of your development, so that communities can fully immerse themselves in the design experience.

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Urban Design & Masterplanning

We see urban design as a collaborative process, shaping the setting for life through the designing of buildings, spaces and landscape for living, working and playing. We look to inspire the lives of those who live in the community whilst bringing benefits to the investors and developers through our 25+ years of experience of making places.

Our goal is to create collections of buildings that work together in a beautiful way, so that local communities can realise their full potential with experience-driven authenticity that seeks to inspire. 


ink Creative Visualisation

INK is an important component of our in-house design process, and also provides a user-friendly marketing service for your finished development. CGI stills communicate the mood of your project, while videos, animations and virtual reality tours bring your buildings to life.

Photorealistic storytelling in 360° virtual reality shows potential buyers the full scope of your vision, with powerful branding that drives quick sales with higher returns on your investment.

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Lighting Design

Key to successful lighting designs is the harmony of aesthetic appeal, ergonomics, and energy efficiency. Illuminating buildings and spaces creates texture, drama, and ambiance. Our designers use their knowledge of the behavioural and psychological effects of lighting seamlessly enhance architectural spaces

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Graphic Design

Brand identities are critical in attracting and engaging target audiences. Our comprehensive service allows our designers to unify brands by offering the consistent application of brand imagery across all forms of media. Our designs use in-depth understandings of our clients, and their audiences, to develop unique and considered visual languages that define the character of their brand

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