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Happy National Oman Day!

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

In celebration of National Oman day and with our close links to the Sultanate, we sat down with Usama Al Kindi, Noaf Al Bulooshi, and Manar Al-Harthy and had a chat about what Oman means to them!

KC- What do you miss most about Oman when you are away?

Noaf- The feeling of home, the safety and security of Oman

Usama- The food! Being around friends and family (and their pets) is also up there, of course. The weather can be harsh during the summers and our winters can be pleasant, but it doesn’t really matter so long as you’re surrounded with good vibes and warm energy from the ones you love.

Manar- I mostly miss my family and also the warm home-made food.

KC- What is your favourite time of year in Oman?

Usama- The winter months in Oman are fantastic. I’d say any time between November and March is a good time for outdoor activities. More events are planned during these months too.

Manar- Yes I agree! Winter and autumn in Oman is my favourite time of the year because of the lovely weather

Noaf- For me it is when all the streets are lit up in celebration of the national day!

KC- What is your favourite National Oman Dish or Food?

Noaf- Shuwa and King Fish curry called Pablo.

Usama- Shuwa with an ice cold can of Shani. A plate of Mandazi and a cup of hot chai to finish off.

Manar- Yes, Shuwa!

KC- How do locals Celebrate National Oman Day and how are you?

Usama- The 18th of November can look different from one Omani to the next, but it often involves sporting your national dress or decorating your house or car with colours of the Omani flag. Some attend the National Day March or gather to watch the fireworks. This year, I’ll be celebrating from a distance by having some friends over for some of my favourite home cooked dishes.

Noaf- We all celebrate by hosting family and friends , wearing our traditional clothes listening to traditional music and having traditional food.

Manar- Celebrating Omani National day is definitely one of the best days of the year, the coming together of all the locals as well as internationals to celebrate such a special day in Oman’s history and culture which holds a great and valuable meaning to all of us

KC- What is your favourite place in Oman?

Usama- I love the Sharqiyah region. It’s landscape is so diverse with wadis, deserts and beaches. I’ve recently been on a desert crossing of the Wahiba sands which lead us to a beach on the eastern coast near Ras Al Ruwais. That was unforgettable. Meeting camels on the beach in Masirah Island was also a highlight of my last trip to Oman. I’ll definitely be going back.

Manar- I enjoy visiting the beaches and mountains around the country, my favorite place to visit would definitely be jabal akhdar during the winter

Noaf- Mutrah because you feel the authenticity of it and you see local shops and get to understand the culture a bit more

KC- What do you do in your leisure time in Oman?

Noaf- I spend it either meeting my family or close friends at one of Oman's beautiful beaches and just enjoy the sunset

Usama- Eat. It’s really hard not to do this in Oman. Since I’m not home often, I spend most of my free time with family and friends. I’m blessed to have such a big loving family - so big, there’s never enough time to spend time with all of them. Otherwise, I like training at a Crossfit gym with my brother and cousins.

Manar- During my leisure time in Oman I enjoy going kayaking, and parasailing or hiking, having relaxing spa days and family time


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