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Jumeirah Garden Courtyard Apartments

This residential neighbourhood masterplan design, situated in the popular Jumeirah area of Dubai, includes a series of courtyard apartment buildings, all enjoying a rich landscape setting, and incorporating both private and shared courtyard gardens.


Dubai, UAE



Building Type



Interior Design

A masterplan has been developed, linking the apartment buildings to create a sense of community and to maximise use of the retail and recreational facilities. The design maximises the area of development, the number of units and the area of retail space, whilst providing an extremely attractive living environment that will ensure high market demand.
The apartment blocks are conceived as a series of protected courtyards each with their own private gardens, shaded, screened and discreet oasis swimming pool terrace and spa gym.
Between each courtyard block is a street with shops, cafes and restaurants with outdoor terraces and open gardens to enjoy the cooler months of the year.
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