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Radisson Red, Reykjavik

The Radisson Red Tower adds a dramatic new feature to the skyline of Reykjavik, and an exciting new destination for visitors and residents of the city.


Reykjavik, Iceland



Building Type

High Rise



The building massing is broken down into a series of vertical forms that appear to slip past each other as they ascend, to give the tower an elegant and dynamic quality. The 3 vertical masses of the main body of the tower are each given a different material treatment to differentiate them from each other while accentuating their verticality.
The façade draws its inspiration from characteristics of Iceland’s volcanic geology. The stepping verticality of the façade references basalt columns with a 3-dimensional articulation on the eastern and western facades. The main glazed facades incorporate a randomized character to their setting out, to connect the building to the organic quality of the natural landscape. Colorful vertical ‘fins’ are scattered across the façade, adding a vibrancy and playfulness inspired by the jewel-like crystallization of cooling volcanic rocks.
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