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SHUUA Skypark

A beautiful landmark tower, the design creates both a singular tower and a vertical village where each use in the brief has clear visibility and expression, where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.


Dubai, UAE



Building Type




Central to the concept is the creation of green space for each use, a linear landscape garden is folded upwards into the tower to de ne each use and create Sky Parks, a series of elevated public spaces enjoying fantastic views to the Burj Khalifa and back to the sea.
The site is very tight but the Kettle design maximizes the potential, enjoying ultimate efficiency and exibility whilst creating drama for each use. The central lift and service core maximises efficiency whilst the simple 8.5m structural grid allows for maximum exibility in unit types and mix, allowing future variations to suit market conditions.
The design creates a landmark tower with high drama, but not high cost, to give a competitive advantage in a competitive property market. The design uses simple orthogonal forms but still creates a hugely memorable contemporary identity that sets it apart from its competitors.
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