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Tilal Al Ghaf Townhomes

The Townhomes are designed as high-end single-family residences, planned around a central communal garden with a swimming pool, gym and other amenities. Individual Townhomes are to have direct access to the communal garden area from their private back gardens.


Dubai, UAE



Building Type




Kettle Collective has produced 5 distinct Townhome unit type layouts, each with key features to suit their location on sloped plot topography. Each unit type is developed into a total of 5 variant options each, which are interspersed within each block arrangement, creating interest and variety along the street front.
The layout of the unit types take inspiration from loft style homes, all with open plan Living/Dining areas with storey and half ceiling heights, modern feature kitchens with island units, and shaded balconies & terraces doubling up as outside living spaces.
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