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3D printing at Kettle

Updated: Mar 29

At Kettle Collective we use Fused deposition modelling (FDM) 3D printers throughout the design process of a lot of our projects located in the UK and internationally. It brings a conceptual idea out of the computer and into the real world, engaging clients and bringing a greater sense of realism to a project. It gives you unlimited visual angles to read the building and they are a great hands-on method for solving the intricacies of a project or understanding massing proportions that would otherwise be hard to do without holding a scaled physical representation of the project.


3D printing is also an excellent method for highlighting the overriding structural constraints of a project and helps inform on possible solutions as the material and printing limitations of 3D printers somewhat mimic the real-world building methods and physical boundaries.


We’re proud also to have 3D prints on display in our offices as they help highlight key exemplary projects we have completed and remind everyone of the quality of design and effort that the team have gone through spanning over a decade at Kettle Collective.



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