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Team Feature: Jason Cahill

G’day! Jason is an Australian urban designer with his passion in crafting people-centric environments through a place-based design approach. He has a robust background spanning both governmental and private sectors, with his design philosophy remains centred on enhancing the lives of current or future communities through thoughtful and people-centric design.

Despite being Australian, his surfing skills leave much to be desired – it's probably a good thing he relocated to the UK where this will be soundly hidden.

Jason’s enthusiasm for forging connections and embracing diverse cultures has earned him the nickname "golden retriever" due to his eagerness to foster relationships across cultures and locations. Having journeyed through 45 countries, he continually seeks fresh perspectives and inspiration in how people live and how they interact with their environment. This serves his problem-solving approach, characterised by creativity, empathy, and collaboration.

Jason is a lifelong learner seeking various ways to improve his knowledge and creativity. Whether it is jewellery making, surface design, cooking to currently trialling Muay Thai and boxing – Jason acknowledges his coordination skills are a work in progress.

He proudly wears the title of a "cat dad," a role that extends beyond his fondness for felines to his unwavering support of the Geelong Cats in Australian rules football. His cat, Nala, who has seamlessly adapted to life in the UK with her impressive sweater collection.


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