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Congratulations Anthony, BREEAM Associate


Congratulations to our team member Anthony Tappe, who recently completed the BREEAM Associate Course. This award winning online course is aimed at proactive sustainability teams, who want to work better with BREEAM. We thought this was the perfect opportunity to find out a bit more about why Anthony went on this course, and what he learnt from the experience:

Why did you take the BREEAM Associate Course?

I wanted to increase my familiarity with the BREEAM rating system with the hope of bringing a greater depth of understanding of sustainability in architecture. I am also a big believer in continuing to develop your professional knowledge and skills through the course of your career.

How did you hear about BREEAM?

In 2007 I got my Accreditation with the LEED rating system in the United States, – LEED is the U.S. sustainability rating system originally based on the BREEAM system. Ever since I became interested in LEED I was curious to find out more about the rating system that started it all – BREEAM!

Are these sorts of assessments systems of value to the design and construction industry?

There are many in the design and construction industry who see these assessment systems as a kind of ‘sustainable box ticking’ exercise – and that is a risk if you loose sight of the larger goal of improving the sustainability of the built environment. These days it is more important than ever to do whatever we can to push the industry in that direction. And as usual, it starts with being better educated about what is at stake and what can make a difference.

Have you had a chance to use your increased knowledge on any projects yet?

Yes, we are currently working on a number of projects in the middle east that are targeting BREEAM certification, and I am already finding that what I learned on the course is helping me to appreciate how to navigate BREEAM and to understand the key issues involved in pursuing BREEAM certification.

Are you looking at any other online courses at the moment?

The BRE website has a number of good courses that you can do at your own pace in-between other things. This morning I was having a look at the BREEAM Accredited Professional course to see about taking my skills to the next level!

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