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Architectural Design is a Collaborative Process

Kettle Collective is an international, multi-award-winning team of architects and design specialists with a global reach and local representation in Europe, North Africa, Asia, and throughout The Middle East.


Our Edinburgh-based design studio was founded in 2012 by long-term colleagues, Tony Kettle and Colin Bone. We strongly believe that the spaces we live in directly influence the quality of our lives, so we've made it our mission to create spaces that have meaningful narratives, with a true sense of place and purpose.


The Design Collective

Successful architecture is more than just invention without meaning. Buildings exist in a particular place at a particular time. Our role as architects is to commemorate the story, so we can create striking buildings that matter to the communities they represent. 


We consistently deliver sustainable buildings, singular landmarks, and collections of buildings that work together in a beautiful way. We use advanced building information modelling techniques with photorealistic renderings to create virtual narratives that bring your future building to life right from the outset.

Collectively, we work as a team to elevate our design process. Each member of the team makes a personal contribution with exceptional value. Together, we refine our train of thought until we achieve perfection.


We Invite You Into
Our Design Process

We seek to understand the underlying culture, typography, and key elements that influence design. We look to nature and mathematics to create landmarks that respond to a world where energy is the most important issue of our time. 


Our bespoke architecture instils an authentic sense of place into innovative,
sustainable buildings.


By combining our 25+ years of global experience with your vision, and by working closely with engineers and local specialist advisors in your region, we can get below the surface of every project. This brings out the finest elements of beauty and elegance in your ideas with impressive architectural forms and inspired designs that celebrate the places they represent.


Cutting-Edge Technology
& Sustainable Habits

As custodians of the environment, we recognise the impact of the work we do. We look to global cultures and nature's own solutions to develop sustainable design practices that reduce impact, enhance user experience, and celebrate a sense of place. Sustainable design is central to everything we do.


Curiosity Informs Our Success

At Kettle Collective, we spend our time thinking of other ways to do things, because we're interested in why things are, not what things are. 


We pride ourselves on delivering our designs, and we have a superb portfolio of world-renowned designs that make a positive impact on the world we live in. When you work with us, you can expect bespoke architectural design services that achieve something fundamentally fresh and different for every project we work on.

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