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CTBUH 2018 Conference


This October, Tony Kettle will be presenting on behalf of Kettle Collective at this year’s Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat Conference. The seminal event will take place from 20th till the 25th October in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The conference itself will be held at the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai.

As Architects who work daily in the Middle East and Dubai, our team understand the effects of Polycentric Cities. From our experience of developments all over the world, we see first-hand the effects of the de-centralized urban approach. This is evident across Dubai and other key cities worldwide.

This year’s CTBUH Conference in Dubai focuses on Polycentric Cities and The Future of Vertical Urbanism. Polycentric Cities is a concept which is not new, but is instead developing today. The architectural approach to design, buildings and unique locations of projects are all influencing factors. The Conference aims to form a debate of the merits and challenges of this multi-nodal approach to Urbanism. To create an understanding and envision of how tall buildings, density, infrastructure and people fit into this vital mix.

Join us at the conference to hear from Tony during Session 6D: Polycentric Urbanism. For his presentation “Lakhta Tower: Landmark as Generator for Polycentric Growth” on Monday 22 October. Register or find out more about the CTBUH Polycentric Cities and The Future of Vertical Urbanism Conference here.

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